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August 11, 2011

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videographer

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Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videographer

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videographer

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videographer

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videographer Joshua Jobst is the founder of Joshua Jobst Photography and Jobst Media Videography. He loves to shoot both photo and video, especially at weddings in Ann Arbor and Detroit Michigan. But his favorite is probably destination wedding photography due to its exotic and challenging nature. His wedding photography is known to be artistic and photojournalistic. And his videography is known to be cinematic. No you may be asking yourself how a photographer can be a videographer. Well the truth is it is not difficult at all.

The first step of the Ann Arbor Michigan wedding videographer is to master the basic nomenclature and technique of photography. This involves lighting, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus, composition, rule of 3rds and many other such things. Then when these techniques and aesthetics are mastered, than you will easily step into the world of videography. For the videographer now has a framework and foundational knowledge. Except that now he is dealing with 24 or 30 frames a second rather than just 1. When you understand this you understand videographers and what they do. It should also be remembered and respected that the photographer came first, then the videographer.

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videographers

The mistake of many a videographers is that they do not first learn photography skills. They just turn on the video camera and start playing around. While this is of course a good thing, not knowing the fundamentals is a bad thing. I often times hear Ann Arbor Michigan wedding videographers tell me that they just let the photographer direct everyone and just get video at a different angle. I suppose this suffices when you don’t know photography, but it is not ideal. The videographer should take much more of an active and participatory roll in the wedding and artistic photo shots of the day. This way the photographer and videographer will both be served in mutual ways.

In my experience being both an Ann Arbor wedding videographer and photographer has helped me tremendously. Photography has given me the rudiments, and videography has challenged me in new artistic ways. But whether photo or video, both should be respected in their own right and field. It is interesting that photographers are usually the more expensive of the two, yet I believe video editing is more difficult. The videographer usually spends between 4-6 months on the video (if they are professional), whereas the professional photographer only spends a few weeks on pictures. This is a tell-tale sign that it is more difficult, or at least more time-consuming.

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videography

I hope this article has been helpful. It is not a competition between Ann Arbor wedding videographers and photographers, but rather it is a partnership. I mutual relationship of artists with the same goal in mind – to tell the wedding story of couples. Yet the end product will be very different and unique in both fields. Thank you for reading this opinion by an Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Videographer.

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