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October 24, 2011

Ann Arbor Photographers Make Ugly People Look Beautiful

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Ann Arbor Photographers

Ann Arbor photographers enjoy shooting portraits because they get to make ugly people look beautiful. Actually that is misleading because you are not making the person look beautiful but rather the picture of them. Naturally, Ann Arbor photographers understand this because they are professional photographers. So if you have really ugly people to shoot do not be upset with them, for they cannot help that they look hideous. Ann Arbor photographers need to have compassion on people who have been hit with the ugly stick. That does not mean however that there is no hope for them. Photographers in Ann Arbor Michigan can indeed do many amazing things to make a person less ugly than before. But if you are hoping to look like a celebrity you will be disappointed. What you are asking for is a miracle that even the best Ann Arbor photographers cannot do. However we can do our best and hopefully stay true to our Ann Arbor photography calling. Now then, let us look at some ways to make ugly people beautiful. Or at least less ugly.

Ann Arbor Photographers

Ann Arbor photographers should use the very best lens they own for portraits. Thankfully there are special portrait lens that really do the trick. These specialty lens of photographers in Ann Arbor MI let you work a good distance away from the person but still fill your frame. That is a good thing if the person is ugly. Besides, when shooting at this range there will not be face distortions or telephoto lens compression. After all, Ann Arbor photographers do not want to make people more ugly than they already are. Though Ann Arbor photographers loves to debate what the perfect lens and focal length is. But this debate will probably go on forever since everyone has their own opinion on this topic. Nevertheless, when Ann Arbor photographers combine technical fundamentals with a great portrait lens and some fine artistic skills, you can make an ugly person look beautiful – or at least a lot less ugly.