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August 23, 2011

Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

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Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer Joshua Jobst loves shooing in his home town and the plethora of beautiful locations in the area. Venues are a great place to know for the Ann Arbor wedding photographer. And the venues, vendors, and wedding photographers in Ann Arbor Michigan are some of the best. Just take for example the beautiful Cobblestone Manor and Cobblestone Farm. Have you ever seen such beautiful scenery for a vintage style photo shoot? It could be straight out of a magazine! Imagine if your Ann Arbor wedding photographer shot here.

As wedding photographers in Ann Arbor Michigan, this job is quite rewarding. You get to shoot awesome and inspirational spots. There is first of all the law quad for Ann Arbor wedding photographer images with its gothic style structure and the beautiful columns. Using natural light is especially rewarding. Then you can go the the art museum area with your Ann Arbor wedding photographer, where you can do fine art and modern style poses. Of course let’s not forget the great restaurants and coffee shops too! Not just for their food and drink, but great locations for mini shoots as all wedding photographers in Ann Arbor MI will tell you.

Let’s get back now to the great venues Ann Arbor wedding photographers love. There is Weber’s Inn, Cobblestone Manor, Earhart Manor, and even the Michigan Theatre! All of these are great places rich in photo opportunities and beautiful scenery your Ann Arbor wedding photographer will salivate over. Brides and grooms looking for a fun time will want to hire a professional Ann Arbor wedding photographer. Don’t go cheap with a friend or amateur, you’ll regret it – trust me. Oh, I almost forgot Kensington Court which is cool for wedding parties and can accommodate many guests. As a side note, it is recommended that if you have over 150 guests you use two Ann Arbor wedding photographers. This way you won’t miss anything!

As an Ann Arbor wedding photographer I should also mention the beautiful church’s we have in the area. There are a number of them right in the center of town of different denominations. This makes it convenient for wedding parties and your Ann Arbor wedding photographer to go from the church to the great photo locations. Michigan sports is always an important part of wedding couples from the U of M. Going to the big house is great fun for the whole bridal party to get some amazing Ann Arbor wedding photography. Your bride and groom will love you as their wedding photographer in Ann Arbor if you take them here for some candid wedding photos.

Did I mention that an Ann Arbor wedding photographer doing engagement pictures here is outstanding as well? Indeed, the downtown area is sweet, but there is also the scenic places like Botanical Gardens, Arboretium, and Dominoes Farms. All of these locations are splendid for getting a couple to hang out with their Ann Arbor wedding photographer before the big day. To know all of the venues and great location spots and to have original ideas for awesome pictures is the task of the professional Ann Arbor wedding photographer. That is what they’re paying us too.

So let each Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer know our areas and venues. Heck, know the other vendors as well! This way we know we can get the best shots and know all of the angles and lighting and camera settings to use. This Ann Arbor wedding photographer does it, not just because it is what is expected of us by the bride and groom, but because we are professionals and we have the highest standards for our art. So let’s get shooting. Let’s can our hands dirty (literally?). And let’s have fun doing what we love to do – being an Ann Arbor wedding photographer!





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