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April 3, 2012

2013 Fine Art Wedding Albums, Prices, and Tips

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Here are some GREAT TIPS to keep in mind when selecting images for your album.


* 1 page = 1 side; so 30 pages = 30 sides.


* When selecting your pictures, be sure to choose a favorite shot for the cover. Also, would you like text w/ name/date on the cover?


* Select as many images as you like for your album, but keep in mind that 30-40 images yields approximately 30 pages/sides.


* The key is for the pictures to breath a little. Remember, LESS IS MORE and no one wants their album to look like a crowded yearbook!


* Make a list of “must-have’s” and “maybe’s”; make the “must-have’s” list = number of album pages, and “maybe’s” to use if there’s room.


* Once we design the album layouts, we’ll post them online for you to view and approve. Changes may be subject to an additional fee.


* After you approve the final design, we send the design layouts to the album company for printing and binding.


* Albums take approximately 3 months from the time you select the pictures and email us the file numbers.


* Rush service & expedited shipping available (30-50% mark-up).

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