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October 31, 2011

How to Prepare for Senior Pictures in Michigan

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How to Prepare for Senior Pictures in Michigan

senior pictures in Michigan

Senior Pictures in Michigan

So how does your teenage son or daughter prepare for his or her senior pictures in Michigan? The answer may be surprisingly simpler than you think. I won’t waste time debating whether or not your teen really wants to have their picture taken. We’ll assume they probably do not, or at least they’re a little apprehensive. This is only natural of course because teenagers are self-conscious about how they look, especially for senior pictures in Michigan. Perhaps they have too many zits or are having a bad hair day. Other things could be they think they look too fat or don’t like getting dressed up. The answer to these legitimate concerns is simply hiring Josh and Jenn to shoot your son or daughter’s senior pictures Ann Arbor. We’ll take care of the rest! We are really down-to-earth and all about making them feel like they’re the center of attention. We’ll have an amazing photo session with natural poses and cool looks they’ll love. Our combined experience with photography and fashion will make their experience all the better. And we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves in order to create a tension-free environment so their senior pictures in Michigan are fun and natural and get to the inner personality of who they are. It’s really as simple as that.

senior pictures in Michigan

The answer to how your daughter or son can prepare for their Michigan senior pictures is simply by being themselves. Jenn and I will definitely be ourselves, and we help to take the taboo out of high school senior photography so that they can be themselves too and shine like the sun. Then when the pictures are ready you will be so very pleased with the results that you will say that is their personality. We get these sorts of remarks all the time for family and friends. That’s why we’re the best, because we make the kids feel special and forget that there is even a camera in front of them. Now I should say that it is a good idea for guys to get their hair cut a few weeks before senior pictures in Michigan. For girls this is not really an issue. We’re also not huge fans of shorts, but we’re not opposed to bringing a pair to try out. Also remember that dark tones are always tend to slim, and light tones tend to add so that’s something to simply be aware of too. But regardless, we will have a fun time together.





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