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August 22, 2011

Michigan Wedding Photographer

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Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan wedding photographer who loves working in the wedding business is Joshua Jobst. Being a wedding photographer in Michigan has a lot of rewards but the chief one is that he gets to spend the day with a wonderful couple. And that day isn’t just an ordinary day. It’s their special wedding day – the day you as their Michigan wedding photographer is shooting – the most important day in their lives. And this Michigan wedding photographer has the honor of taking photos and perhaps video of this day. Obviously this is a big responsibility for a wedding photojournalist.

Now by photojournalism I mean a Michigan wedding photographer that uses a natural and unobtrusive attitude to the day with only a minimal about of poses. Another characteristic of this style is black and white Michigan wedding photography. Modern bride and grooms absolutely love this style of the Michigan wedding photographer because it captures their personality and the natural emotions of the day. Though this may seem easy, it is indeed the most difficult task of the Michigan wedding photographer. As a photojournalist you really only get one shot. There are no “do-overs”. And you have to be ready for the moment too. Before you know it, the moment is gone. So what do wedding photographers in MI do?

The Michigan wedding photographer must learn to anticipate. You don’t know when that moment is going to happen so you have to be ready for it. The moment the Michigan wedding photographer captures is only an instant in time, and to grab it you have to shoot manually. Yes, that’s right. No more shooting in full-auto or “P” (which does not stand for “photojournalist”). What I mean specifically by shooting in manual is for the Michigan wedding photographer to turn your camera dial to the “M” mode. That means you have to set all of the settings of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This should be so automatic for Michigan wedding photographers that if you haven’t mastered it you need to continue to practice until you do. For the Michigan wedding photographer has the highest task of being a photojournalist and this means knowing all of the fundamentals.

Now then, Mr. Michigan wedding photographer, shooting in Manual mode is only 49% of the job. There is another Manual function you will need to master on your camera. I said Manual mode is only 49% because the other factor is slightly more important between the two for the Michigan wedding photographer. What am I speaking of? Manual focus. That’s right. No more auto-focus for the wedding photographer in Michigan, or even the focus-and-frame technique (this is where you keep the focus always on the middle square when looking in your viewfinder, then you put that square where you want the focus to be and press the shutter button half way down, then you frame the shot while still holding the shutter button, then you take the shot – hence focus-and-frame). I will admit the focus-and-frame technique is very useful and still use it, especially in the dark. However, for a Michigan wedding photographer who aspires to be a photojournalist, manual focus is the way to go for those candid moments.

A professional wedding photographer in Michigan knows the reason manual focus is the way to go. It is because you can sit their waiting for the moment to come and have your eye to the viewfinder. Then the Michigan wedding photographer starts to feel that something is coming on. Maybe it’s the father of the bride about to give his daughter a kiss, or a tear from from the mother of the groom, of the sly smile of the bride, or the gentle embrace of the groom. All of these are moments you will be ready for with MI wedding photographer cameras to capture. The moment will go by in an instant and the only way to grab in out of time is to instantly flick that focus ring and take the shot. There is no time for auto-focus to get it right says the smart Michigan wedding photographer, and there’s even less time to focus and frame the shot. Perhaps you’ll be lucky if you already pulled focus automatically on the person and that person is still in the same depth of field, but like I said – that’s luck. Manual focus is the only technique fast enough for the Michigan wedding photographer you does wedding photojournalistic styles. Manual focus is one of the hardest things to master to be spot on, and I don’t recommend a Michigan wedding photographer doing weddings in manual focus until you’re solid with it – at least not all the shots. You’ll learn things like turning to the left (counter-clockwise) will bring into focus objects that are further away, and turning the focus ring to the right means a closer subject will be in focus. For the new Michigan wedding photographer, just think of the common saying “righty-tighty, lefty-loosy”. Start practicing today and you can soon become the best photojournalist Michigan wedding photographer.





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