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October 28, 2011

Michigan Wedding Photographer Zooms In for Sharpness

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Michigan Wedding Photographer Zooming In for Sharpness

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan Wedding Photographer

As a Michigan wedding photographer have you ever checked the LCD screen on the back of your camera (you know, the tiny 3-inch one) and thought you just took an incredible image only to find out in post-processing that it wasn’t sharp at all? This is a very common problem many wedding photographers in Michigan have so do not feel ashamed to admit this. How are you supposed to know that such an image was not sharp when you are relying on a tiny little screen? Well, the secret is for you to use the zoom button on the back of your camera. It is there for the Michigan wedding photographer to check himself and make sure your image is sharp before proceeding on. Alternatively, if you discover that your image is not sharp, then you still have a chance to take the image again. This is one of the best features on your camera so be sure to use it.

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan Wedding Photographer

A Michigan wedding photographer once got burned badly because he thought that all of the images in a sequence taken of a bride were sharp. You can feel the horror he felt when at his computer the next day he discovered that every single one was blurry. And they were fantastic images too! Thankfully this was only a sequence of shots in one setting so he just had to scrap these images and could rely on other sharp images to present to the bride and groom. However, the unfortunately thing was that these were some of the best shots the Michigan wedding photographer took all day. Yet they were ruined. The bride and groom will never know, but he did. And all because the he forgot to use the zoom button to check the sharpness. All pro use this function and there is a good reason for it. All a Michigan wedding photographer really needs to do is, once the picture is taken, press the zoom button on the back of your camera and the image will start to zoom in on the LCD screen. If you press the button again, the image will zoom in even more so that you can magnify the image several times larger to really see clearly whether the image is sharp. This is a handy function on the camera for a Michigan wedding photographer. And all the top-of-the-line cameras come with a zoom feature. So get used to using it often or you will find you won’t be a Michigan wedding photographer for long – and no one wants that!





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