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July 8, 2011

Michigan Wedding Photographers Styles for Beginners

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Best Michigan Wedding Photographers Michigan Wedding Photographers style for beginners

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers

If you are new among Michigan wedding photographers, you may be wondering where you fit in and what your photographic style is. This is completely normal for beginner Michigan wedding photographers. Add to that the fact that there is a lot of talent in Michigan wedding photography, and because of the economy the field is overly saturated with professional Michigan wedding photographers, but also many amateurs, wannabes, and people that have no business taking wedding pictures. Or perhaps you may be lucky enough to land yourself a job with an experienced Michigan wedding photographer who can serve as your mentor. If so, the Michigan wedding photographers style you learn from them will certainly influence your own direction, even if only to teach you what you don’t want to do. Therefore, I highly recommend working with other Michigan wedding photographers because this is by far the fastest way to learn the business, get some experience with people in front of your camera, and develop your own style. Your Michigan wedding photographers “style” of wedding photography is the way you act while shooting photos, and what sort of pictures you create. Michigan wedding photographers generally fall into one of three styles: traditional, photojournalist, or fusion photography. Naturally, it is also possible to shoot in more than one style.

The traditional style of Michigan wedding photographers is the oldest and still the most common. It can generally be summed up in one word: posed. Traditional Michigan wedding photographers don’t simply capture images; they create images. In stark contrast, the photojournalist style of Michigan wedding photographers is the distinct lack of posing. Other key features of Michigan wedding photojournalism include an unobtrusive presence, black and white images, and very little post-production special effects (other than basic adjustments). Finally, there is the style of the fusion wedding photographers in Michigan, which is not just the blend of traditional and photojournalist photography. On the contrary, fusion photography is a category in its own right. It is the fusion (or collision) of Michigan wedding photography and fine art, fashion, funny, funky, gothic, vintage, retro, emo, and everything in between. The freedom from posing constraints combined with a creative business model (which pays you to shoot whatever you want) has sparked a fusion of truly creative potential in wedding photographers in Michigan.

So what is the best style to choose as wedding photographers in Michigan? There is no best style. So then does it matter which style you choose? Absolutely! In fact, there is only one best style for each and every Michigan wedding photographer – your style. And the right one for you depends on your personality. So which Michigan wedding photographers style fits your personality ? Well, are you methodical and meticulous? Then perhaps traditional Michigan wedding photographers genre is for you. Are you shy and introspective? Perhaps wedding photojournalism will suit your wedding photographers in Michigan temperament. Fusion style Michigan wedding photography requires a similar personality as photojournalist, but with the addition of a very strong Michigan wedding photographers creative streak. As you work your way through the first few weddings, you are sure to find something that is comfortable for you.

The only real mistake wedding photographers in Michigan can make is to try to do it all. Never tell your clients you can shoot in any style they want. This is a certain recipe for mediocrity as a Michigan wedding photographer. Instead, pick a style and stick with it. It won’t take long before you become known for what you do. Not all clients will like your style and many of them will pass Michigan wedding photographers by. Don’t worry about that. Instead, shoot the way you love as Michigan wedding photographers, and, as you gain experience, others will love your style too.

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