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July 24, 2011

Michigan Wedding Photographers

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Best Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers

I am a bride looking for Michigan wedding photographers. I don’t know what style of wedding photography I am most drawn to but I know that there are a few key styles in professional wedding photography. Among these are traditional, photojournalist, and a combination of traditional and photojournalistic styles of wedding photography. So which do I choose and how do I find the right Michigan Wedding Photographer? Well..

First, I must find a creative, dedicated photographer who has shot many weddings and has been to popular venues and locations in Michigan. Examples of locations may be downtown Ann Arbor such as the Law Quad, University of Michigan Stadium, The Michigan Theater, etc. The Detroit area also has many excellent locations such as Greenfield Village which is part of the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. (If the Michigan Wedding Photographer I find has shot at The Henry Ford, I will be extremely happy.) Another excellent location is the Detroit Athletic Club. Only the best Michigan Wedding Photographers have done weddings there because brides who have receptions there are willing to pay high rates exceptional talent. If my photojournalist has shot there, I can be certain I’m going to receive beautiful wedding pictures.

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Maybe I should look for two Michigan wedding photographers who shoot together so that I can be sure to get all of the most important formal pictures as well as back up and reactionary photos. Some husband and wife teams can be very beneficial if you are trying to find a photographer for a Muslim wedding where the genders are kept separate for the day. The female can shoot with the women and the male photographer can shoot on the men’s side. If you can find a photography team like this, keep them and recommend them to all of your friends!

Hopefully when I find my Michigan wedding photographer he or she will be able to shoot my engagement pictures. (Sometimes this is included in the package I think.) This way I will know that we will work well together. We can go to multiple locations and spend and afternoon or evening taking pictures and have a special keepsake of our time together before our big day. This would be the perfect beginning to our Michigan Wedding.

Michigan Wedding Photography

I think I lean more towards the photojournalism style, so hopefully I will find some awesome Michigan wedding photographers to choose from. I’ll ask them lots of questions and make sure they’ve shot for a few years, worked that all the venues, are fun and professional, and have lots of referrals. Then when all is said and done and I have looked at tons of photos and portfolios, it will be time to chose. And chose I will – the best Michigan Wedding Photographers!

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