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July 24, 2011

Michigan Wedding Photographers

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Best Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan is a wonderful place to have a wedding! And there are many wonderful and talented Michigan wedding photographers to choose from. Of course every girl wants to have a fairy tale wedding, and Michigan comes about as close as you can get to picturesque. And that means finding an amazing wedding photographer in Michigan to take these fantastic pictures. But how do you go about doing this?

Michigan wedding photography is one of the many reasons why couples select Michigan for their wedding. Destination wedding photography is on the rise as well in the state of Michigan. No need to travel for those great locations and backgrounds! Nor will the wedding photographer have to do many special effects in Photoshop to create an amazing photo. And these photos will be cherished for a lifetime by the wedding couple, all because they were married in Michigan and because they found the best Michigan wedding photographer.

Michigan Wedding Photographer

As stated, there are many talented Michigan wedding photographers, from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and elsewhere. How does a couple select the perfect wedding photographer? Well, to start with you want to find a photographer with a personality that gels with yours. This is so important because they’ll be spending more time with you than anyone else that day, except for your spouse! Great wedding photography is not cheap however. Make sure you have a budget of at least $2000; anything less my not be professional quality. The average price for a professional wedding photographer is between $3000-5000. This may sound like a lot, but is it when you consider that the pictures are the only thing you have left when the day is done (except perhaps your wedding dress).

Back to finding that perfect Michigan wedding photographer: go online, search for a style you like, ask to see samples of their work, get referrals, and find out who the famous wedding photographers are in that city. There are traditional wedding photographers that mainly do posed styles, very similar to a portrait photographer taking studio pictures of a family, children, baby, maternity, or high school senior pictures. Everything is perfectly in place before the picture is taken. Then there are wedding photojournalists that capture your event in a natural and unobtrusive way as your wedding day unfolds. There basically is no posing (or very little, say during the family pictures). Michigan wedding photojournalism is all about telling your wedding story and capturing the essence and emotion of the day. There is often times a lot of black and white photography a wedding photojournalist’s portfolio as well. Also popular today is to have a husband and wife team of photographers shoot your wedding. This is a must if you have over 150 guests. If you want your whole day captured, two photojournalists are better than one! You also get the benefit of having one photojournalist get the action, and the other get the reaction.

Michigan Wedding Photography

Michigan wedding photographers will usually offer high resolution images with printing rights for you to make your own prints. He or she may also offer a canvas print or an album. Of course it always depends on the photographer and varies a lot, so be sure to ask the wedding photojournalist about these things and find out exactly what your are receiving. Ask about engagement pictures too. An engagement session can be a fantastic way to get to know your wedding photojournalist and get some wonderful pictures before the wedding. A wedding contract is also a must so that all parties agree on the terms of services provided.

Finally, as your Michigan wedding day arrives, check in with your photographer and let him or her know if there are any last minute changes. If you have a wedding itinerary, definitely give a copy of it to the wedding photojournalist! Also helpful is having a family shot list, especially if you have a large family. This will make everything go faster and more smoothly on your big day. Above all else, enjoy your wedding day and don’t worry about the photography because you know you’ve selected the best Michigan Wedding Photographers!

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