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August 7, 2011

zShoot and Burn Michigan Wedding Photographers

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Shoot and Burn, Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers like Josh from Joshua Jobst Photography

have had enough of shoot and burn wedding photographers, there temptation to naive brides looking to save money, and their destruction of the wedding photography business. What is a shoot and burn photographer? Simple. A shoot and burn photographer is one who shoots a wedding and then immediate (or shortly thereafter) burns the high-resolution images to disc for the bride and groom (and by extension, family and friends) to make unlimited prints with. A majority of shoot and burn photographers are not professional, wish to make a quick buck off unsuspecting brides, and do not care about photography as an art form.

It is easy to see that the poor economy is the culprit for the influx of would-be photographers in this industry. There is a saturation of photographers in any given metropolitan area. It’s easy enough to buy a Canon Rebel, or similar prosumer camera, for half a grand and call yourself a photographer. Then search the pages of Craigslist and find some poor and desperate bride looking for any photographer who will fit her budget (say 2 photographers for 8 hours for $200).

Shoot and Burn, Michigan Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers do not have to scour the country side any more to find great locations for wedding pictures. All they have to do go downtown and there is a plethora of amazing pictures to take. One such place is the law quad. Bride and grooms love it because of its stone walls and columns and tunnels. I just shot a wedding their again last weekend and miraculously we were the only people there so we had it all to ourselves. This is an Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Photographers dream, and mine came true!

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Photographer

On the flip side of things, there are also great places for engagement pictures. You have alleyways where there is spray painted walls for engaged couples to go. Then you have lots of shops and cafes for shooting. Finally you have beautiful parks like the Arboretium, Botanical Gardens, and Gallop Park. These are wonderful for couples that like nature. And also Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Photographers go to one of these locations for photo shoots. Especially when it comes time for senior pictures.

But wedding photography and photojournalism is really my specialty so let’s get back to that. These beautiful natural scenes wedding couples love but you have to be careful of the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. You especially don’t want to do pictures involving the bride walking in the grass/dirt before the wedding. That really goes for the groom too, because one such groomsman stepped it doggy-doo. It was not pretty. Nature pictures are fine after the ceremony when the bride doesn’t care so much if her dress gets a little dirty, but know your bride and don’t push it. This is the advice of experienced and professional AAnn Arbor Michigan Wedding Photographers.

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Photography

Finally, we wedding photojournalists might not be able to conquer the entire world (though we may think we can at first), but we can know our area and its locations for weddings, engagement pictures, senior pictures, family portraits, etc. And you only get to know a location by going out and taking pictures and finding what works and what doesn’t work. So go out. Be brave. Take a chance. And discover how you can the best – know the one of the most AMAZING Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Photographers.

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