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October 10, 2011

Wedding Photographers in Metro Detroit Win “Best Photographer in Detroit” Award

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Wedding Photographers in Metro Detroit

Wedding Photographers in Metro Detroit

Wedding Photographers in Metro Detroit Josh and Jenn of Joshua Jobst Photography know when they’re hot. And on August the 22nd they were red hot as winners of the “Best Wedding Photographers in Metro Detroit” award of 2011 put on by Detroit City Voters A-List contest. Locale Detroiters and patrons from the neighboring metropolitan areas got out and voted for their favorite wedding photographers in metro Detroit as well as a plethora of other categories. All in all there were several thousands of people that turned out and voted for Josh and Jenn. “We were both ecstatic when we found out we had won. We want to thank all of our fans and people that voted for us,” Josh said. Though they were ahead in the polls a week before the contest ended, the website takes down the top rankings the last week so it’s truly a surprise when the best wedding photographers in metro Detroit are announced. In addition to going to their former and recent clients, Josh and Jenn also got out the vote by going to Facebook and Twitter and asking their fans, friends, and family to vote for them as amazing wedding photographers in metro Detroit. Well, it seemed to work because they took first prize and mentioned their phone has been ringing off the hook ever since. As metro Detroit wedding photographers they shoot artistic wedding photojournalism, which is all about capturing those moments and unique qualities of a wedding, unlike traditional metro Detroit wedding photography which focuses on posed shots. Couple in Michigan are really looking for wedding photographers in metro Detroit that are different and will take beautiful images that couples can love and cherish that really envelope their personality and love together. It is sort of a documentary style the Michigan wedding photographers in metro Detroit Josh and Jenn Jobst are after. And they’ve really answered the call to Michigan wedding photographers in metro Detroit to step up their game and get great candid photos, posed portraits, fashion wedding photography, and a little of everything in between. “We really love shooting ethnic weddings and different cultures in our ethnic wedding photography because the themes and colors are so rich, captivating, and fascinating to us as wedding photographers in metro Detroit.” Of course they treat each couple and wedding as a unique experience and wedding story, capturing the love and joy of people as it’s happening. Josh and Jenn make quite the team too as husband and wife metro Detroit wedding photographers. Jenn is great with the girls and Josh is cool with the guys, so it’s a win-win situation where you’r really getting the best or both worlds in your metro Detroit wedding photography. Wedding photographers in metro Detroit have their work cut out for them to match the professionalism and artistic creativity. Joshua Jobst Photography is quite the team of wedding photographers in metro Detroit! Not only do they provide wedding photography in metro Detroit, but they also offer cinematic videography and portraits as well! Is there anything that this awesome couple doesn’t offer? Keep a close eye out for this award-winning team and we sure to give them a buzz or email if you or your friends are getting married and need the best wedding photographers in metro Detroit.