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October 27, 2011

Wedding Photographers in Michigan Think Twice About Increasing ISO

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Wedding Photographers in Michigan

Wedding Photographers in Michigan may want to think twice before increasing their ISO when shooting a wedding in low-light conditions, such as the ceremony or reception. Perhaps you think I am crazy for saying this but there is a good reason for it. When wedding photographers in Michigan are capturing a wedding they should really bring their tripod along with them. I know it takes away from your photojournalistic sensibilities but you really should. Anyway, when you’re shooting using a tripod in really low light, do not increase the ISO at all. Now for wedding photographers in Michigan who do not know this, ISO stands for International Standards Organization and refers to your camera’s sensitivity to light. Wedding photographers in Michigan want to keep their ISO as low as their settings will allow. This is probably 100 or even 50 (or the Roman numeral “L”). Setting your ISO to the lowest setting allows for your images to be clean and sharp. But as soon as you bump up the ISO setting, “noise” begins to creep into your photo.

Wedding Photographers in Michigan want to avoid chromatic and color noise like the plague. It really limits what you can do in post-processing as well. Now we all understand that as wedding photographers sometimes it is impossible to shoot with a tripod. You have to hand-hold the camera and lens because their is now option otherwise. People are moving around constantly at weddings and sometimes there just isn’t time to set up a tripod. So if wedding photographers in Michigan have to do hand-held as no one will think the less of you obviously. But if it is possible, use a tripod and set the ISO to as low as in can go in your camera settings. Another issue for Michigan wedding photographers is that some venues will not allow a tripod. In this case you have to follow their rules or risk being kicked out or even banned from the venue. That would definitely not be a good thing and would be a shame. Simply be good and follow their rules. Hopefully you will have a great lens with a wide aperture (low f number) so that you can get away with shooting at a faster shutter speed. Finally, remember this very important tip when shooting in low-light conditions without a tripod. Keep the shutter speed equal to or more than the focal length of the lens. What do I mean? Wedding photographers in Michigan agree that your shutter speed needs to match or ideally exceed the focal length of your lens. For example, if you zoom all the way to 200mm, try to use a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second. By doing this you will avoid getting many blurry images.