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July 25, 2011

Wedding Photographers in Michigan

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Wedding Photographers in Michigan

Best Detroit Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photographers in Michigan

Wedding Photographers in Michigan are a great group of photojournalists. Michigan is the number one place, in my opinion, for wedding photojournalism. You see the way that we shoot pictures is in a natural and unobtrusive manner. That basically means we don’t pose you, we let you be you. I’m not there at your wedding to tell you what to do, you enjoy your day and I’ll tell your wedding story.

This is what is becoming the norm here among Michigan wedding photographers. The professional photographers here get it. Stay with the times and what brides want, or get burned. So beginning with the engagement, boudoir, or urban photo session, Michigan photojournalists will begin to bring out your personality and take amazing pictures of you and your special other. This can be so much fun and really make the bride and groom comfortable with you so on the big day they can just be themselves and let you do your job and shoot tons of pictures. I am indeed so proud that Wedding Photographers in Michigan are so talented and the best photographers in the world to lead the industry in this field.

Wedding Photographers in Michigan style

Wedding Photographers in Michigan are also know for their style of fusion wedding photography. Fusion is basically taking the traditional and photojournalist styles and mixing them together. However, it’s not just that – it goes further. A fusion wedding photographer could fuse: fashion, fine art, funky, funny gothic, retro, vintage, emo, punk, rocker, traditional and photojournalist with their wedding photography portfolio. Fusion wedding photography is all of these and everything in between. It is quite the hit these days, especially in popular cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and northern Michigan wedding photography.

What a great time it is to be alive. There is so much wedding photographers in Michigan can do in this state due to its variety of landscape and urban settings. This has attracted many wedding photographers in Michigan to scope out locations in downtown Detroit or Ann Arbor. The more rustic or urban, especially old and rundown, the better. And because of Michigan’s sad economy, there is a plethora of these kinds of spots for taking pictures. Brides will even do a trash-the-dress session which takes place after the wedding and the photographer and bride (groom optional) go and do a contrasting shooting somewhere like in an abandoned warehouse, or on a sunny beachside, or in the middle of a lake or field. This indeed makes for some inspiring wedding photography art!

Wedding Photographers in Michigan Dedication

Finally, I want to reiterate how wedding photographers in Michigan are the best ever because of their dedication to there art form and sheer creative genius. Or perhaps an alternative explanation is that the market has created all of this due to the economy being so poor. Wherever the answer lies, we Michigan wedding photographers are a talented and extraordinary bunch. Sure, we may be a little eccentric at times, but that’s because we’re photographic artists and photojournalists. We love our art, and we are committed to the end. Long live wedding photographers in Michigan.

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