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October 23, 2011

Ann Arbor Photographers Want Tack Sharp Shots

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Ann Arbor photographers want “tack sharp” shots but there isn’t just one secret to achieve the super sharp pictures professionals get. It’s actually a combination of several things. (In case you’re wondering, “tack sharp” refers to the highest quality of sharpness in a photograph.) The number one secret for Ann Arbor photographers in get tack sharp images is to use a tripod. Indeed, this simple tool will be what separates your work from the amateurs. Sure, it’s more work but it’s the little things that can make all the difference and that the amateur Ann Arbor photographer will not know or not want to be bothered with. The tripod’s job is simple: to keep the camera steady. But when it comes to the different brands of tripods, Ann Arbor photographers should take note that some some are much better than others! Going cheap on quality never pays, even in the short term. Ann Arbor photographers unwilling to spend a little dough will end up learning the hard way. So take some advice and get a Mountaineer for around $600 and you will have some amazingly sharp Ann Arbor photography!

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Ann Arbor photographers take note: even when you purchase a great tripod there’s a little problem. Your expensive tripod will not come with a ballhead. So Ann Arbor photographers you’ll have to get another one. The ballhead of course does not have anything to do with getting a sharp image, rather it’s to keep the Ann Arbor photographer from going nuts! With a ball head, Ann Arbor photographers can easily position and angle the camera with one knob. Ballheads will also keep your camera locked in place without the worry of sliding. A good thing for Ann Arbor photographers indeed! The only thing is, like the tripod, great ballheads are not cheap. Go ahead, Ann Arbor photographers, and spend a little bit more for a “Really Right Stuff” ballhead around $400.

So now Ann Arbor photographers are getting sharper images, but are they really tack sharp yet? Sure, your back hurts a little now, but you know you’re getting sharp images so you don’t complain too much to other Ann Arbor photographers. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s more. Yes, indeed. As a fellow Ann Arbor photographer, I’ll tell you that you need a shutter cable release too between $25 and $100. Hey Ann Arbor photographers, don’t yell at me! I’m just giving you my best advice on the topic if you really and truly want tack sharp images. Okay then. So with a cable release you press the button and it takes the picture so nothing is touching the shutter button on the camera. Ever so tiny a motion from Ann Arbor photographers can cause the image to not be tack sharp. Even go with a wireless remote and your Ann Arbor photography will be the sharpest in town!