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November 7, 2011

Determining Your Wedding Photographer Style

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Determining Your Wedding Photographer Style

Michigan wedding photographer 01

Michigan Wedding Photographer

What is your style of wedding photography that you know brides will love when they see your work? If you do not know it is really high time that you determine this if you are a serious Michigan wedding photographer looking to get local brides. This is just a fundamental thing that you have to do or you will never succeed. When it comes to finding your style you have to real strip everything down to what you are. The problem is you my not know what your Michigan wedding photographer style is have and therefore will be almost clueless when it comes to genre. This will not do. I want you to pick three weddings that you have done recently and ask your which images are your favorite. When you have selected your favorite three wedding images than ask yourself to describe the photography in the image. Whatever you come up with, that is your style.

Michigan wedding photographer 02

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well, it may be harder than you think because all Michigan wedding photographers wants the style that he thinks is popular and will book brides with. This is the wrong model though. What brides really want is someone that they can trust and who is an expert. They are not the expert, but they trust you to be. Therefore even if your style is not the buzz word of wedding photojournalistic or candid or natural. Heck, even if it is the no-no word of traditional. Take it and own it. If you are traditional then embrace it and market brides that are high class and want beautiful wedding portraits that look classic and timeless. This is what you want to offer as your quality service. Whatever your style my be as Michigan wedding photographers, just embrace it and you will start to get the wedding books you want.