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October 15, 2011

Wedding Photographers in Michigan Specialize in Ethnic Weddings

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Wedding Photographers in Michigan Specialize in Ethnic Weddings

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Wedding Photographers in Michigan

Like shooting no other style of weddings, as Wedding Photographers in Michigan we absolutely love doing ethnic weddings. Of course we are dedicated to providing the best Michigan wedding photography service around, but our specialty as Michigan wedding photographers really is the non-traditional ethnic wedding. There are so many reasons why but let me start by just naming a few. I think as wedding photographers in Michigan it’s really easy to fall into the rut of just doing the same old times of shots at the same old type of Protestant and Catholic weddings. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, because that is what your tradition is and we honor that. It’s just as Michigan wedding photographers everything tends to fall along the same lines and we as a husband and wife team to do not want our MI wedding photography to be the same boring old stuff. So we try to make it unique and special with each couple whatever the tradition. But when we get to shoot ethnic weddings our eyes really light up because we know as wedding photographers in Michigan that this is an opportunity to really do something special and we won’t have to try to make it so! The ethnic wedding could be a Muslim couple where the girl has her head covered and is perhaps private and modest and does not want to kiss in front of the camera. Awesome! Already we start with a different wardrobe and we can’t do any cheesy kissing shots as wedding photographers in Michigan. We love the challenge! And ethnic wedding couples are often shy in front of the camera (who wouldn’t be with our huge 70-200mm telephoto lens!) so it’s our job to make them forget that it’s there. Or perhaps we’ll shoot an ethnic wedding where they’re India – what beautiful and saturated colors they have plus their ceremony takes place over several days! What an exciting time and an opportunity for wedding photographers in Michigan to shoot on different days other than Saturday. Chaldean weddings are another where they love to dance as well very open to allowing Michigan wedding photographers and videographers to get close to the action during the ceremony. We are actually able to put the video camera right up front so as to get front angles for our Michigan wedding videography. Cool! African American ethnic weddings are also fun with all the emotions, singing, and dancing going on. Never a dull moment for wedding photographers in Michigan! As I mentioned in the beginning, as professional Michigan wedding photographers we are dedicated to the highest quality of Michigan wedding photography service. That said, it’s great that we’ve had the opportunity to do so many a ethnic wedding and non-traditional style of photojournalism and videography that we can say that we specialize in this area as wedding photographers in Michigan. The other nice thing is that when you start to do ethnic weddings you get more calls from the same people within that ethnicity and that’s an awesome way for Michigan wedding photographers to get referrals!