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August 1, 2011

Michigan Wedding Photographers

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Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers began an early career going back all the way to the beginning the the 20th century. Wedding photography then began to breach the gallery rooms and museums. Wedding photography today is very expensive but back then it was quite affordable. Maybe not chump-change, but quite a moderate rate. It was mostly black and white photography back then, obviously, and today its in color – but that doesn’t mean color is more expensive. Just the opposite actually. Black and white photography and in Michigan costs quite a pretty penny today.

So what kind of art is wedding photography anyway? The saying goes a picture paints a thousand words but what about the photos of Michigan wedding photographers? Does their craft and skill measure up today as it did back then? Is it only a technical skill, or is in an art form? What is the difference from a painting of a sunset and a photograph of one? The sunsets in Michigan wedding Photographers homes are quite beautiful indeed.

Michigan Wedding Photographer

Unlike painting the Mona Lisa, Michigan wedding photographers do not have to be 100% unique (although it does help the pocket book). Photographs can be taken in lots of different ways. It doesn’t really matter if it’s artistic or just ordinary. In the early days, photos often imitated paintings in compositional techniques. Soon after, however, modernity entered and photographers started taking regular objects at weddings and transformed them into works of art by focusing on a single element of the ordinary.

Then, to wit, came the post modern period where paints started to resemble photographs! Many Michigan wedding photographers were no longer trying to be like Alsel Adams and make pictures from nature. No more of these 19th century ideas. Post modern wedding photographers get their inspiration from life itself and photojournalism, and advertising, and creating your own “scene.” Photography, like everything else, because a tool and pragmaticism – and it was a useful one. Truth is in the eye’s of the beholder, but creating striking visual images via photography is another.

Michigan Wedding Photography

Slightly older than a one century old, Michigan wedding photography has gone from being on the outside, to being on the inside. The rules of the game and of art are broken, or shall we say “changed”. Fusion is all the rage today. Collages, installation, art photography, painting photography, sculptures joined with pictures, videos, computers, etc. All these have disrupted the old rules and divisions of separate fields: painting, sculpture, printing, drawing. The new kid on the block may be photography, but the entire neighborhood is changing fast for Michigan Wedding Photographers.

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