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August 1, 2011

Michigan Wedding Photographers Freedom of the Press

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Michigan Wedding Photographers Freedom the Press

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan Wedding Photographers

Michigan wedding photographers don’t often speak about the topic of freedom of the press. That is probably due to other influence of traditional Michigan wedding photographers and their control of field. Censorship is a big problem affecting Michigan wedding photographers, editors, publishers, and other lines of work. The history is really the changing reality of the conflict between traditional Michigan wedding photographers and photojournalists and freedom of the press. Censorship was heave and Michigan wedding photography was limited. But oddly enough senior pictures and family portraits and children’s photography was on the rise. Could you guess that baby and maternity was on the rise as well.

Well, with the rise in a new area comes control over artistic Michigan wedding photographers. He could still go to the beach and shoot couples running along, but this was not really his idea of fine art. The portrait photographer had since portraiture, why not leave the Michigan wedding photographers and photojournalist alone? We’re both professional Michigan wedding photographers here and our art is photography. We not let us scurry about after the bride and groom to make their day special and take pride in our Michigan wedding photography?

But no, the nasty fighting between the traditional Michigan wedding photographers and the photojournalists continues unabated. Actually it’s not a competition at all because the traditional posers control everything and censor us affordable Michigan wedding photographers. Ah, such is life I suppose. We are starving artists. We eat the broth of our wedding pictures and photos, after giving them to the couple of course. They love their engagement pictures and wedding photos but just don’t understand how little we photojournalists get paid as Michigan wedding photographers.

Oh well. We wedding photographers in Michigan will prevail somehow. Perhaps we will educate people on the fine art photography, especially the beautiful black and white photography of Michigan wedding photographers. Yes, this will convince them that anyone arrange people in a half decent order and take a picture, but we of the Michigan wedding photographers persuasion will convince them that this is not a photograph. A photograph is a moment in time captured perfectly because of the talent and skill of the artistic. On the other hand poser Michigan wedding photography only has the skill level of putting people together and lighting etc. This is not art.

So people, get with it and understand the wedding photographers in Michigan plight. Wedding Photojournalism is far superior to traditional Michigan wedding photography. We as Michigan wedding photographer capture the moments of the weddings, tell the wedding story, and pose the families. All you do is pose people in ridiculously antiquated ways and call this art. This is a Michigan wedding photographers photograph you say because everything in it was created by you and that’s art. But I would argue that you are simply regurgitating the skills of the past and still live it in. There is nothing fresh and innovative in your Michigan wedding photographers style and your so-called art will die with you. We on the other hand will be an inspiration to a whole new generation of Michigan wedding photographers, whatever they call themselves.