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August 1, 2011

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Great question! Indeed, why do I charge around $400-500 an hour for wedding photography (or videography)? Isn’t that insane? Lawyers charge less. I’ll admit, it does seem high – at first glance anyway, but let’s look a little behind-the-scenes…

Yes, I charge $400-500 an hour. However…

$100/hr = physical coverage of the event in a highly intense working environment, i.e., there are no second-channces to get the money shots.

$100/hr = literally going through 1000s of images and finding the best shots to make up your proof images (typically 75-100 proof images per hour).

$100/hr = to touch-up and crop every single one of those proof images (typically anywhere from 500-1000 images when finished).

$100/hr = for artistic Photoshop work on select proof images (sometimes taking several hours on 1 image).

$100/hr = for the right to print the images for the rest of your life.

= $500/hr

Not to blather on, but this doesn’t even take into account the time, money, and expertise required to simply maintain a functioning studio, such as rent, cost of equipment, advertising, insurance, membership dues, etc; then you have the cost of media workstations, editing software, album and print costs, etc; finally photographers (and videographers) have pleasure of wearing about a dozen different hats – photographer, videographer, director, artist, Photoshop wizard, designer, businessman, salesman, accountant, webmaster, SEO wizard, blogger, etc.)

No a bad deal after all if you ask me. So why do we do it? Because we love it of course.

Wedding Investment Lifespan

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